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Automated PVP Servers

Be the last survivor !

Waiting hall

Just wait before the next game starts.

Game ranking

The best survivors have their name in the Hall of Fame !

Team up with other players

Union makes strength, but only one survivor will remain...

Unique maps

Survivia's maps are chosen and filled by hand !


Automatically launched games

Check the list of the game being prepared, join the waiting lobby, and fight on the next round !

Undergo the fate the map offers you !

Access to the server list...


Cracked versions are accepted

No condition required to join a game, we also allow cracked versions.

You can play without signing up !

Join a game, and play instantly !

Play !


Upgrade your character

You will not only grow stronger every game, you will also unlock new features.

With the ladder and a brand new experience system, the more you play, the stronger you get !

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